Offer clients a guaranteed bonus

Accumulated Value Enhancement
to offer guaranteed crediting rate


We’re excited to announce that on July 1, the Accumulated Value Enhancement on Principal Indexed Universal Life AccumulationSM (IUL Accumulation) policies will begin guaranteeing a rate of 0.25 percent. In the past, it has been a non-guaranteed rate. It will be credited in policy years 11+ as long as the product’s Fixed Account is earning more than the guaranteed minimum rate.

This guarantee can provide your clients with an increased level of confidence in their policy’s performance potential and greater peace of mind. And we want all policyholders to enjoy this benefit, so we’re adding the guarantee to every IUL Accumulation policy—both new and existing. Existing policy owners will receive a policy endorsement from us soon.

What makes our bonus different from other IUL bonuses?

Performance you can believe in — The purpose of the credit is to reward long-term policy ownership, not to inflate illustrated values. Because of this more reasonable approach, you can set better expectations with your clients about actual performance possibilities versus illustrated projections.

Easy to understand and explain — It’s a flat rate applied to net accumulated value at the end of each policy year. That’s it—there are no tricky calculations to work through.

Independent of index credits — The rate is credited regardless of index performance, even when the index account earns 0 percent.



Tools to help you sell it

IUL competitive comparison (PDF)

AVE state approvals (PDF)

Index-linked account comparison (PDF)

IUL sales guide (PDF)




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